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Davinscroft, Inc. is a market maker in refined products, including gasoline,  distillates, asphalt and various unfinished intermediate streams in the  U.S. Gulf Coast and New York Harbor markets.  The Company is  headquartered in Durham, North Carolina with operations centered in  Houston, Texas.  


 The Davinscroft team is comprised of industry veterans with many decades  of commercial experience, including refined products sales and  marketing, trading in the cash, futures, options and derivatives  markets, as well as refinery operations and product blending.   Additionally, the business benefits from management's deep expertise in  refined product logistics and government supply programs. 


Davinscroft, Inc. has been in business since 2007, participating in both  buy-side and sell-side transactions with counterparties that range in  size from the large integrated oil companies down to small independent  fuel distributors.  Davinscroft also conducts blending operations in  Houston and New York Harbor, as well as the economic evaluation and  handling of refinery feedstocks.

In association with its physical activities, Davinscroft is  also involved with NYMEX futures and options, cash market and rack  market brokerage services, and off-exchange derivatives for physical and  paper transactions including differential pricing/EFPs and swaps.

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Davinscroft, Inc.

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